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You are Right 100%of the time.

In every choice!

Marguerite Fair, writer, director, producer, filmmaker & speaker

The Book

Marguerite Fair is a writer, director, producer and inspirational thinker.  At 70 years of age, this Goddess understands the value in learning to create the life that you want and deserve.  Marguerite resides in Burbank, CA.

Written by: Marguerite Fair

The book is written to be a fast and easy read with simple proven techniques to help you make a few adjustments to a life you never thought possible.

How to understand Your unique Power

About Marguerite Fair

You Are Right 100%

Of The Time

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This book is written to help people understand that we are involved in creating our own lives with each choice we make.  It is possible to have the life that we say we want, providing that we make an effort to learn to see things differently. Regardless of what shows up in our lives, we are 100% right about our choices.  The secret is to learn to make different choices if we do not like our present results.


If you have ever wondered why good and bad things show up in your life, and can't figure out how the plan works, than this is the book for You.

Turn the tables and get what you say you want to show up in your life!

Have you ever thought any of these things?

 1.  Who does he think he is?

 2.  I'm not good enough.

 3.  How come she has more money than I do?

 4.  He is no smarter than I am.

 5.  I can't afford to buy anything.

 6.  I hate my job.

 7.  I hate where I'm living.

 8.  I have no money to pay my bills.

 9.  I'm never going to find a new job.

10. I'm fat.

11. I'm too old...

12. It's too late.