"I found this book totally enlightening. Until now, I haven't found a book interesting enough to peek my interests.  This book will be a catalyst to new endeavors and to understand myself and others with open eyes."

Marguerite Fair is interviewed by the co-host of the Laughter Talks Web Show Antonia Roman.

    " Marguerite, first of all, is just a fabulous person. She is full of creativity, passion and observational insights that help to light the way to a greater understanding of oneself!

That alone makes buying her book well worth the price of admission.

     This book is an easy read and applicable to anyone who ever wanted anything! 

     There is a science to creating a life of one's own choosing and she lays it all out in her velvety book, "You Are Right 100% Of The Time."

     From living an organized life, to making healthy lifestyle choices with diet and exercise...this book covers it all and more!

Get it! Give it!"

                  Sandra Dee - Artist

"Marguerite is an amazing woman who continues to inspire others especially me!  On her journey in life, she has chosen to share with others the revelations that she experiences.  If you want to have the tools to have a better and more fulfilling life...read Marguerite's new book: "You Are Right 100% Of The Time." What a great way to introduce us to your new movie as well. Thanks for always having the desire to help others! "


" A fun and inspiring read! I believe in the energy of positivity, being kind and grateful.  Manifesting your beliefs and creating the life you want is the real life magic!  Marguerite is definitely speaking my language!"

       Pamela Hill, Actress, Producer, Director for

                   "That Darn Girlfriend!"

"The anecdotes are helpful and brings real life examples to the reader.  Thank  you Marguerite for sharing this story with us! "

               William Joseph Hill, Actor, Martial Arts

                        expert, producer, director for

                             That Darn Girlfriend

If you have ever asked the question about why your life is not where you thought it would be by now, "You Are Right 100% Of The Time" is a worth while investment. PURCHASE ON AMAZON NOW.

"It's a perfect title...affirmative, encouraging and creative.  Its message is truthful, relatable and comprehensive.  I've just shared the book for a neighbor to read. She appreciated the larger front size and brevity."

Eula Warren,  a life student

Testimonials About "You Are Right 100% Of The Time/How to understand Your unique power"

Antonia Roman, Producer, Director, Author of "Confessions of a Christian Woman."  Available on Amazon.

Be Blessed, be a Blessing!

Kathy Bee - Hampton

Producer, Musical Playwright, Author

"You are Right 100% of the Time" by Marguerite Fair is a delightful book that illustrates how we are always right no matter what we believe.  What we experience in our lives is simply an externalization of our inner deeply held beliefs, because the Universe only says "yes."  Through simple quizzes, examples, and explanations, Marguerite helps the reader to become more mindful of their choices and offers wise and practical solutions for everyday challenges.  This book will change your life in ways you never imagined, while advancing you on your path of Enlightenment."

                  Diana Vehuni, Ph.D.

         "Author of An introduction to the Art &     Science of Real Magic"



Hi Goddess M.

     Last Sunday prior to our Saturday Goddess Brunch, our Mary said she was already on page 90 and planning on reading it again. That was easy for her.

     The other day, my neighbor was referring and pointing out to me something from your book about choosing to let go and move on.

     Yesterday, I lent your book to my Chinese friend who at first hesitated to read it because she "might not understand it."  I pointed out that it is in big print and just 100 pages.  It could be her first time to read a book in English.    

     Congratulations on a recent wonderful creation--"You Are Right 100% Of The Time."

                                      Eula Warren

Johnny Dudek, a fan of "You Are Right 100% Of The Time!"

Marguerite Fair's Son

A testimony From Eula Warren:   3/24/2019

A member of SpiritWorks Center for Spiritual living in Burbank, CA

"I love the book! It is absolutely amazing and eye opening.  Thank you for sharing this insight with us!"

You Are Right 100%

Of The Time